Happy Birthday Michael!


Today is my oldest brother’s birthday. We lost him several years ago to cancer. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. I see a lot of you in the other siblings. I was thinking about our last beach trip together and laugh about you and I watching the sand crabs on the beach…came right up to our beach chairs. I will always remember our beach trips. I had thought about lighting up and smoking a cigar on your behalf, but I changed my mind…I didn’t want to get sick. I remember the first time you gave Raymond a cigar…he was sick for days!  The cigar box you gave me is sitting on my mantle. There it will always stay.  We miss you…Chelsea is all graduated from High School and going to college. Time flies! Everybody misses you…we love you lots ❤

My brother, Michael

My brother, Michael


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Hi, I'm Faith. I love to motivate and inspire others. I love my family, the beach and friends. I love to decorate, create, and cook. I'm outgoing. I like to try new things, lead and adapt easily to change. Follow, comment and recommend! Most importantly smile, have fun and look for the good in all!

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