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Merry Christmas!



Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Go Seahawks!



Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? I’m rooting for the Seahawks! Michael Robinson #26 graduated from the same High School as both me and my daughter. My daughter had the opportunity to work one of his football camps. He has given back so much to our Varina community, I would love no more than to see him and his team bring home a Super Bowl ring. Go Seahawks!


Enjoy your weekend! Fill it with family, fun, and love!

Finding Mastery by Barbara Lockhart


Have you ever felt that little bit lost? Like you aren’t sure where you are, or what you’re doing? I think that many of us can feel like this from time to time. The day and its many ‘jobs’ weigh heavily upon our souls.

What we can do is remember to smile, and to laugh. But, I think we also need to look for the ‘Wonder’ in our lives…

I am sure that we all forget to tap into something, anything; that is awe-inspiring. We tend to look to the practicalities of the day and not into the sheer enjoyment of it. Now is the time and this is the day for you to stop and admire the beautiful view from wherever you are, and then you will be uplifted and inspired. If all you have is a blank wall, then you still have your imagination. See it as a…

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Sharing on my page for my friend! Beautiful person, beautiful photographer!

Nikki Santerre Photography

I’ve been interested in photography for a few years, but I didn’t really start taking the industry, or myself, seriously until around this time last year.

I would read photography blogs and I felt that tug at my soul, that feeling that this was where I was meant to go.

I didn’t know any photographers, had no close friends in the business, but I wanted to meet other people who shared my passion.

On a whim, I emailed Karen and Katie, among a few other photographers who were local to my area whose work I admired. I just wanted someone to talk to, somewhere to go if I had a question because this industry is vast, overwhelming, and I honestly had no clue what I was doing.

Karen & Katie were both wonderful, answering my questions and being so sweet to someone who was so new.

Don’t get me…

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Love this idea!!

The Happsters

Happster Brenda let us know about this jar of happiness idea & we think it’s awesome!

Here’s the concept behind it: Write something that makes you happy on a piece of paper every day and put it into the jar. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, dig into your jar and read your happy thoughts!

What do you think? Will you make a jar of happiness? Share it on Twitter or Instagram with #imahappster so we can check it out!

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