One of my most favorite things to looking for shells.  I love going to Pea Island in North Carolina, right on the other side of the Oregon Inlet Bridge and spending all day walking back & forth as the tide goes out looking for shells. All kinds of shells…conch, clam, oyster, sea glass, snail shells, drift wood or anything else I see that I like. I have a collection in my house, some in my borders by the down spouts and some in large pots on our patio. Finding sea shells just makes me smile.  Here are some shells I found on Kitty Hawk Beach in North Carolina.

Kitty Hawk Shells

Kitty Hawk Shells

Have you visited Macy’s in New York during the Holidays? If not, plan a trip this year. You will love it. Here’s an ornament I got from my December, 2012 trip…love, love Macy’s NY.


Schedule a trip to Corolla Beach to see the Wild HorsesCorolla Beach Wild Horses


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  1. Hello Faith! I have a beautiful Granddaughter named Faith and it is a name you don’t hear very often isn’t it! I have loved reading your blog and thank you for visiting my site as well….By the Way, when I read about you collecting shells I thought I might let you know that a small collection of shells near our front door promotes financial wellbeing according to Feng Shui! Sending you lots of Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

  2. Hello Barbara. Great hearing from you again! I receive more compliments about my name and yes, I give thanks to my mom for picking something so unique & beautiful. I hope your granddaughter will enjoy the name “Faith” as much as I have. I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog, thanks for visiting often. Thanks for letting me know about shells near the front. That’s great news 🙂 Enjoy your wonderful days ahead.

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