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Every day I think we can all find something we are very thankful for.

I feel overwhelmed with how thankful I am to be working with a fine Company. This year will be 25 years for me. I’m very fortunate! I took a quick glimpse of getting the job with my determination of getting in a Fortune 500 Company.

Growing up being 1 of 8 kids, we didn’t have very much. I knew when I grew up I would find a great job and do things I’ve always wanted. I have reached many goals and very thankful!

I am hoping to retire in 11 years, with 36 years of Service, house paid in full and would love so very much to have a cottage on or near the water somewhere. I need to stay focused on reaching my dreams…I think I can do it! ┬áStay tuned….

The opportunities I have been given are endless. I work with true professionals. My job has helped develop the positive, motivated person I am today!

I am truly thankful!