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My love for bracelets!


I absolutely love bracelets! All kinds. All shapes, sizes, different and unique. I bet I own over 100 bracelets. I have some that hold memories or are from places I have visited. Some are gifts, some are bought and some are handmade with love.  This is my newest bracelet…the very first one I found with my name. Go purchase yourself a bracelet and enjoy it for many reasons!



Wow, It’s Beautiful!


Another beautiful photo I captured on Madison Avenue. I wanted to share and just knew you would love. I’ll always remember the designer shops along Madison Avenue in New York City…simply amazing!

Take a walk on Madison Avenue if you haven't already!

Take a walk on Madison Avenue if you haven’t already!

The Great Wall of UGGs!


Have you ever seen so many pair of UGGs in one place? I thought the display was awesome. Could you guess the location? I’ll leave that out for now. However, do you own a pair of UGGs?  They are the best and so worth the cost. Yes, I’m an UGG fan!

The warmest, most comfortable boots I own!

The warmest, most comfortable boots I own!

Shop ’til you drop!


As I look through my New York photos, I think of all the shopping we did, the miles we walked! I loved every minute of it! The beautiful Bloomingdale’s!  Another exquisite shopping experience…counting down the days until we visit again!  I have many, many more photos to share, so check back often or plan a trip to experience it yourself!

Bloomingdale's in New York City

Bloomingdale’s in New York City