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23 years!


Today, February 17, 2013, my husband and I celebrate 23 years of marriage. We are very fortunate to have shared 23 great years! We have enjoyed creating, building, understanding, trusting and learning through the years. We have a beautiful daughter and one sweet Yorkie. Growing up and in our younger years, both of us didn’t have much. Today, we both share more than we’ve ever had and have opportunities we’ve always dreamed…those things we built together and are very proud! I’m very thankful and feel blessed. My wish is for many more years of fun and excitement!

Let's Celebrate!

Let’s Celebrate!


Counting it Down!


Valentine’s Day is in 10 days. Do you do anything special for your loved ones or is it just another ordinary day? Personally, I love it and love to share my love! We may get some conversation hearts or truffles, but my favorite thing to do is go out to eat for dinner. I hope you’re making plans…only a few short days away. I took this photo in New York and I thought I’d share. Hearts, hearts and more hearts!